Hotel Bowmann Paris, Spirit of a place



A few meters from the famous Parisian department stores and the Saint-Augustin Church, stands this magnificent stone building. Restored in the pure tradition of French savoir-faire, its interior is rich with moldings and cornices. The service is personalized and attentive to detail for a unique experience.


At 99 Boulevard Haussmann, the Hotel Bowmann evokes the Paris of dreams. That of an emblematic architecture that has radiated throughout the world.

A building with an ashlar facade, engraved with the famous moldings and cornices, the Bowmann Hotel has noble floors with singularly high ceilings and balconies on certain floors duplicated throughout Paris by the most famous prefect of the Seine, Georges Eugène Haussmann.


Preserving the charm of a remarkable neo-classical architecture in order to recreate the special atmosphere of these old private mansions was at the heart of the Bowmann's renovation carried out by interior designer Laurent Maugoust.

The decor is noble and elegantly sober. Cornices and moldings underline the splendid height under ceiling.

To the original marbled fireplaces are added royal chandeliers and monumental mirrors. Leather-covered headboards, shiny pedestal tables, armchairs with chromed or gilded shells, lighting fixtures from the Maison Charles, the elegance of made-to-measure and French craftsmanship is sacred. A few pieces of contemporary furniture - Knoll and Argenta armchairs, Toulemonde Bochart rugs - add a new modernity.

And each floor has its own unique chromatic signature: champagne, powder pink, royal red, immaculate white.


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