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A true Parisian lull, our patio plunges you into an intimate bubble all summer long.

To seal the deal between creative champagne and summer recipes, an original idea was needed. The Hotel Bowmann & Maison Lanson dared. By creating a barbecue offer dedicated to the Rosé Création 67, the Hotel Bowmann is once again shaking things up. Our Parisian House has done so by sublimating the shapes of this great classic for moments of conviviality all summer long. 

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Bubbles & Grill

Our Bulles & Grill offer is an ode to Parisian life, far from the ordinary. Beneath its rosy color lies a true blend of a thousand reflections.
Rosé Création 67 will be offered as a preview in selected establishments around the world, including the Bowmann Hotel's 99 Haussmann restaurant.
Finely chiselled, its roundness offers the perfect balance between this Maison Lanson creation and the grills imagined by Chef Charly Salierno.


Every Thursdays June 6th, to September 5th from 6PM to 10M, at the patio of 99 Haussmann restaurant.

Chef Charly Salierno

A word from the Chef

"On the barbecue, the aromas are released very quickly. Right from the aperitif, I enjoy the scent of Rosé Champagne in my glass. The combination of the scents of the spices coming from the fire and the barbecued dishes blends perfectly with the taste of Rosé Champagne [NAME]. A perfect experience for the season."

Bubbles & Grill menu

Perfectly balance

"Each Rosé Creation is a unique and delicate blend that reinterprets the elegance and freshness characteristic of the Lanson style, with a fruity signature." Hervé Dantan, Cellar Master

Carte des Champagnes


99 Haussmann patio

Head for Boulevard Haussmann, a stone's throw from the Grands Magasins, in one of the capital's most beautiful districts, for a unique experience. Emblems of Paris's cultural and architectural heritage, the patio at 99 Haussmann welcomes you to a unique setting all summer long.

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About the Maison Lanson 

Maison Lanson, renowned for its exceptional champagne-making expertise, presents its Rosé Création 67. Since its beginnings in 1833, Lanson has innovated and created unique champagnes.

Since 2013, Hervé Dantan, the House's Cellar Chef, has been perpetuating and enriching this unique expertise. Rosé [NAME] is the fruit of meticulous and passionate work. Each year, a new blend is created, highlighting the precise selection of grapes, the exclusive use of reserve rosé wines and a subtle proportion of red Champagne wines. This approach reveals the full complexity and depth of Champagne, while preserving its fresh, fruity character.

Hervé Dantan reinterprets Le Rosé with Le Rosé Création to reveal the bespoke work demanded by the exceptional character of each harvest and the quest for excellence in blending.

Each Création is assigned a number corresponding to the number of blends made since the first Rosé Lanson was created in 1952. More than ever, it affirms the expertise and transparency at the heart of the House's approach. Each Creation is unique and sublime.


Charly Salierno is the executive Chef of our kitchen. This gifted thirty-year-old, formerly of the Château de Bagnols en Beaujolais and of the Bocuse group's brasserie Le Sud, is taking over the reins of 99 Haussmann, playing with the codes of classic and modern.




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