The «Bar 99 Haussmann»

Restaurant menu

The Bowmann Bar is sophisticated yet relaxed and a decidedly Parisian space in which people can meet.

 Time almost seems to stand still as you enjoy a delicious signature cocktail created by our mixologist using French alcohol and other components.

Individuals and groups are welcome to try dishes from our menu made using premium local produce.

The Bowmann Bar is open daily from 5pm to 10pm and offers a “to share or not” menu.

Bar Menu

A secret, cosy and elegant location known by those in-the-know, where shadow and light and joy and serenity combine!

The bar menu is the essence of French savoir-faire! The bold options beautifully evoke the country’s culinary wealth.

As for the lounge: here, with the fire dancing in the fireplace, the books in the library and the cosy ambience, time seems to stand still and enjoying the moment suddenly becomes your sole motivation.

We are currently preparing our menu. All will be revealed soon…

Food Menu

French produce will be served in its simplest form, allowing you to savour its delicious inherent flavour.

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